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Bike Track, Inc. started as an offshoot of Eco Systems. Eco Systems was founded in 1978 by Gerry Hawkes as a small research and development company dedicated to creating solutions that reduce human impact on the environment.

The company changed its name to Bike Track, Inc. in 1993 when it began producing 1 foot square tiles that provided anti-slip wheel control properties for use on steps and access ramps. These modular surface systems allowed for the rapid installation of high quality bike/wheelchair paths that eliminated the need for costly excavation and paving. Simultaneously, to support the development of the pathway systems, the company sold bike racks to colleges and universities, high-rise apartment complexes, municipalities, transportation agencies, and public and private sector industries.

In 2000, after conversations with various military research facilities and shelter manufacturers, it became obvious that the pathway system made excellent candidates to replace the expensive and labor-intensive plywood and 2x4 flooring under tents used by the military. They had the added benefits of being able to be re-used indefinitely and being impervious to the rotting that limited the longevity of plywood.

In a short amount of time, Gerry modified the design to fit the military’s specifications, and the first flooring sheets were sold in 2000 to U.S. Army V Corps in Germany. Since then, over 4 million square feet of flooring has been sold to units of the U.S. Army, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Marine Corps, Marine Corps Reserve, Air Force, Air National Guard, and Navy. The patented, hardened plastic flooring systems have been continually refined and upgraded in response to requests from users in the field.

Today, Bike Track manufactures and markets its durable, easily assembled, and long-lasting surfaces in one-inch, two-inch, and two-inch / cable ready options primarily for rapid deployment tent flooring.

Company Purpose

Create innovative products to enhance people’s pursuits while minimizing their environmental impact.

Core Values and Beliefs

-Customers are our primary focus; we will provide quality products and constantly work to create value added services for our customers

-Treat everyone with Dignity & Respect and maintain the highest standard of Integrity.

-Create a Team based environment where associates are provided with the right training and knowledge to drive the success of Bike Track with a strong focus on work / life balance.

-Seek constant improvement in everything we do; strive to be an industry leader in every component of our business.

-Minimize the environmental impact of our products with an emphasis on product life cycle management.

-Profit is a key component to our long-term success and all company stakeholders will share in our success.